How to Write a Plan - Intro:

The 5 Tab System:

Intro / Client Information 

Income Sources and How to Build the Private Pension 

Inflation Offset Tabs Part 1

Inflation Offset Tabs Part 2

He Dies She Dies 

The 3 Tab System - No Spouse:

No Spouse 

1 Tab System

People Who Don’t Have A Lot of Money

A: Private Pension Only

B: PWS Only

How to:

Spend Down Protection

How to Use the PBXL Spreadsheet

Portfolio Breakdown

Selecting Tickers

Finding Proxies 

How to Set Up and Present Properly

Risk Graphs:

Three Drawdowns

Two Drawdowns

Custom Drawdowns

Investment Reports:


Two Drawdowns

... Continued


How to do a WRFP - Written Part


Clark- How to build a written plan

Clark - How to build a plan in longevity