1st Appointment - Full Version


Part 1: Introduction and Small Talk

Part 2: Introduction and How Can We Add Value

Part 3: Looking at their Documents

Part 4: First Part of the Questionnaire

Part 5: Risk

Part 6: Income in Retirement

Part 7: Fun in Retirement

Part 8: Series of Page 2 Questions

Part 9: Safe and Secure, Low Risk, Moderate Risk

Part 10: How Can You Lose and Still Feel Comfortable

Part 11: Private Wealth Strategies

Part 12: Yes and No Questions and LTC

Part 13: Poem

Part 14: Why Are You Here, What Have We Done, Biggest Concerns 1, 2 or 3 Most Important

Part 15: Longevity Family Health History

Part 16: Final Three Questions

Part 17: 5 & 4 Commitments


Appendix 1: Do it Yourself Conversation

Appendix 2: What do do if they don’t bring their spouse

Appendix 3: What to do if they don’t bring their paperwork/documentation

Appendix 4: How to talk about fees

Appendix 5: How to Deal with People Who Don’t Have A lot of Money